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If you have not yet tried cooking with wood you do not know what you are missing. I started cooking with wood a few years ago and since then I have got rid of my propane BBQ. I now have a Broil King Keg and a Traeger wood pellet grill/smoker.

The Broil King is like the Big Green Egg. You can use charcoal in it but I always use some of our maple firewood instead. Sometimes I will use apple wood or cherry wood even oak but my favorite is maple. The maple wood gives it a beautiful flavor not too far off from oak.

The Traeger grill I use different food grade pellets depending on what I am cooking and the flavor I want. I like to smoke and grill food all year so the only down fall I found with this grill is that it will not work properly in my northern winter climate, it is too cold outside and the grill will not heat high enough but if I had it in a garage I am sure it would work but I like to cook out on my deck even when it is snowing. So from mid fall to mid spring I only use the Broil King.

Hardwoods such as oak, maple, apple, cherry are some of the woods that I can get access to here but hickory and ash are great for grilling and smoking with as well. Since I sell maple hardwood for firewood I have an abundance supply of maple so it is my go to hardwood for cooking with. I cut the maple about 6 inches long and then split it small. Depending on if I am grilling or smoking and how dry the wood is I will sometimes soak it in water before using it. You can find out more about grilling and smoking food on my other website Down Home Cooking Recipes.


Check out the various grills and smokers available. Oh and don’t forget wood fired pizza ovens. I use my Broil King to cook pizza and you cannot buy better pizza! Something about the smokey flavor in the pizza is unbeatable! Click on am image below to shop for smokers and grills and accessories.

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